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Pierce Warnecke


Release information
Artists » Pierce Warnecke
Release Title » Copy/Waste
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » electro, beats, instrumental
Country(s) » California/Berlin
Number of Tracks » 2 Songs
Release Duration » 7 Minutes
Release Date » October 18, 2012
Artists' Website »

Release description
release write-up » Pierce Warnecke was born in a place sometime ago. He has lived in different places since then, and will die somewhere else during this century. He has studied and worked, known success and failure. He has been happy, disappointed, content and sad. He has always made music.

Pierce has released music on BEE and Fremdtunes and remixed Kelpe, Soosh and Big Mister Doom. He has opened for Red Snapper, Kelpe, Frank Bretschneider and DMX Krew, and has played in many places in the US and Europe. He now lives in Berlin where he works as a sound designer and programmer.

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01. Transfer Tablet
02. Filthy Fax
Produced by Pierce Warnecke
Album Art by c64kb

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Creative Commons License
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