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7 Stories High

Release information
Artist(s) » Stypes
Release Title » 7 Stories High
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » hip hop, old school, 80s, 90s
Country(s) » Chicago(land), USA
Number of Tracks » 7 Songs
Release Duration » 20.1 minutes
Release Date » April 29, 2011
Artist Website » Stypes on Facebook
Release description
release write-up » Local legends, Stypes are a 2 man hip hop group from chicago. Stereo/Aaron's (Sizzle) and Stereo/Adam's (Drok) monsterous voices and unique deliver are bold, but not overpowering. Recording and performing together for almost 10 years this underground group has put together numerous EPs, but this is their first official release. With production from incise (canada), SoulChef (new zealand), and waxbuzzard (united kingdom) this is the throwback album for all grassroots hip hop fans.
press kit
Hi-Res Album Cover » Stypes "7 Stories High"
Release credits
Album Credits » Written and Performed - Stypes
Production and Mixing - (see tracklist)
Mastered - incise
Artwork - Omar Radwan

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01. Gettin' it Done - (produced by Wax Buzzard)
02. Marion Motley - (produced by incise)
03. Bring it Back - (produced by incise)
04. Space Lady - (produced by incise)
05. Lemonade - (produced by incise)
06. Real - (produced by SoulChef)
07. MMFG - (produced by incise)
licensing information
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Creative Commons License
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