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Remember When...

Release information
Artist(s) » SoulChef
Release Title » Remember When...
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » jazzy soulful hip hop, street, old school, 90s
Country(s) » New Zealand, Orlando, Toronto, NYC, Baltimore, Delaware, and California
Number of Tracks » 10 Songs
Release Duration » 33.5 minutes
Release Date » October 27, 2010
Artist Website »
Artist Facebook Page » SoulChef on Facebook
Release description
release write-up » Remember When Hip Hop was this? Remember When Hip Hop was that? At a time where the future of Hip Hop is regularly questioned, and the constant debate about what's "real" is still a hot topic; it's often times hard to see beyond the obvious. When the same songs from the 70s and 80s were not only remixed in the 90s, but re-remixed again in the 2000s. When live instruments have been replaced with repetitive sounds. SoulChef's release "Remember When..." takes a look back at the yesteryear of hip hop. His soulfully jazzy approach at production is mixed with live instruments and complimented by a talented line-up of artists who help paint his picture. This 10 track album is a nostalgic look at the fundamental Hip Hop we all originally fell in love with.
Release credits
Album Credits » SoulChef - Production, Mixing, and Mastering.
Vocals - Artists listed to the right.
Omar Radwan - Executive Production.
licensing information
This release is licensed as »
Creative Commons License
Make sure to learn about the Creative Commons Licenses, and any permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting us directly. We can make sure you speak with the owner(s) of any specific song or release. Also make sure to learn more about Kitchen Dip, and what exactly we do.

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01. How To Maintain (feat. The Vox Merger)
02. Lost (feat. Don Cerino and Ine)
03. Remember When (feat. Trace Blam)
04. Sentimentally Madd (feat. Need Not Worry)
05. Grown (feat. Hydroponikz)
06. Good Music (feat. Jo Well)
07. Unprecedented (feat. Unknown Suspect)
08. Just Do It (feat. Awon and Tif The Gift)
09. K.M.A. (feat. The 49ers)
10. Never Too Late (feat. Unknown Suspect)


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