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Robert Paul

That's Just Love

Release information
Artist(s) » Robert Paul
Release Title » That's Just Love
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » funky pop-hop, electropop, soulful groove hop
Country(s) » Winter Park, Florida (USA)
Number of Tracks » 2 Songs
Release Duration » 7.6 minutes
Release Date » April 20, 2011
Artist Website/Facebook »
Release description
release write-up » "That's Just Love" is the first release from Floridian singer/songwriter/producer Robert Paul's forthcoming full-length album. This funky track features an incredible verse from Californ-i-a based MC Nieve as well as guitars by Dave Birnbaum (also featured on Robert Paul's debut EP Trois Heures) and vocals by Edgar, Jr. Stick a flawless remix by incise as the B-Side and you'll "just love" this single!
press kit
Hi-Res Album Cover » RobertPaul "That's Just Love"
Release credits
Album Credits » Written, performed, produced, and programmed - Robert Paul
Except: 'Verse 2' vocals written and performed - Nieve
Guitar - Dave Birnbaum
Additional vocals - Edgar, Jr.
Mixed - Robert Paul
Mastered - incise
Artwork - Omar Radwan

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01. Thats Just Love - feat Nieve
02. Thats Just Love - feat Nieve (incise remix)
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Creative Commons License
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