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Robert Paul

Come Inspired

Release information
Artist(s) » Robert Paul
Release Title » Come Inspired
Release Format » digital download (mp3 and FLAC)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » indie, electronic, dream, rock, experimental
Country » Winter Park, Florida (USA)
Number of Tracks » 9 Songs
Release Duration » 36.9 Minutes
Release Date » September 13, 2011
Artist Website/Facebook »
Release description
release write-up » "Come Inspired" is a mixed genre musical exploration through the previous eras of sound. This 9 track album combines the auditory influences from an array of inspirations; Robert Paul lays tribute to a lifetime of love for music through the combination of instruments, vocals, sounds, synths, samples, and sandwiches.

press kit
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Release Credits
Written, Produced, Performed, and Programmed by »
Robert Paul Simmons

"That's Just Love" » Rhymes written and performed by Nieve
Guitar by Dave Birnbaum
Additional Vocals by Edgar Jr.

"Your Codependency is Showing" » Vocals by Samantha Weppelmann

Samples featured in "Beyond" taken from Social Seminar » Tom, sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health, accessed from the Prelinger Archives at

Album Mixed » Robert Paul
Album Mastering » incise
Album Artwork » Omar Radwan

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01. Small Town Stars
02. That's Just Love ft. Nieve
03. God Complex
04. Hey Little Girl
05. Beyond
06. Your Codependency is Showing (An Aria) ft. Samantha Weppelmann
07. Mountain Song
08. Better/Sooner
09. If I Thought
licensing information
This release is licensed as »
Creative Commons License
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