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This Music Is Not Music

Release information
Artist(s) » OptiMace
Release Title » This Music Is Not Music
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » instrumental hip hop, jazz, and electronics
Country » Netherlands
Number of Tracks » 5 Songs
Release Duration » 26.9 Minutes
Release Date » September 8, 2011
Artist/Label Website »
Release description
release write-up » OptiMace is the result of an intensive musical cooperation between DJ Mace and DJ Optimus, both initiators of Dutch record label Fremdtunes. On the free digital EP 'This music is not music' - out just a few months after their debut EP 'Used Future' - OptiMace takes you on another tour de music. Inspired by movies from the 1950's, books from the 19th century, hiphop from the 1990's and electronic music from the 21st century, OptiMace serves the listener abstract jazz-licks, sample-based soundscapes, boombapdrumpatterns and vintage synthstrains. The two invited Belgium saxophone player Erwin Vann and multi-instrumentalist Shycop to complete the songs. OptiMace is currently compiling 'Used Future' remixes for an upcoming release, and has recently put out a mix for the Wax Poetics.

press kit
Album Cover » OptiMace - This Music Is Not Music
Release Credits
Album Produced/Mixed » OptiMace
Album Mastering » incise
Album Artwork » Omar Radwan
"OptiMace" Font » Dharma Type

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01. Land Beyond the Forest - feat. Shycop
02. Willo the Wisp - feat. Shycop
03. Rosemary's Prodigal Son
04. Buddy Boulden's Boulder Dash - feat. Erwin Vann
05. Invasion of the Lettermen - feat. Erwin Vann & Shycop
licensing information
This release is licensed as »
Creative Commons License
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