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Release information
Artist(s) » Nieve
Release Title » Playback
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » hip hop, jazz, soul, old school
Country(s) » California
Number of Tracks » 5 Songs
Release Duration » 45.4 minutes
Release Date » December 19, 2010
Artist Website »
Artist Facebook Page » Nieve on Facebook
Release description
release write-up » Classic Jazz-Inspired Hip-Hop. Los Angeles based MC, Nieve seamlessly combines his smooth rap style, vivid poetic lyrics, and imaginative flow to create an uplifting and refreshing new take on todays Hip-Hop music.

A Kitchen Dip Exclusive; The Playback EP includes 5 free songs off of Nieve's latest album, Playback. Guests Artists on the EP include, Tunji, Noah King, A-Dub, and Ine. as well as Production from Incise, SoulChef, and Cook Classics. If you like what you hear, make sure to purchase Nieve's full album "Playback" and support a great new artist.
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press kit
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Release credits
Album Credits » Nieve - Vocals.
SoulChef - Production (Track 1,2)
incise - Production (Track 3)
Cook Classics - Production (Track 5)

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01. Playback (feat. Ine)
02. California (feat. Tunji)
03. Doin That Today
04. Revolutionary Action
05. Life's So Hard (feat. Noah King and A-Dub)

licensing information
This release is licensed as »
Creative Commons License
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