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Hectic Zeniths

Hectic Zeniths (Deluxe Version)

Release information
Artist(s) » Hectic Zeniths
Release Title » Hectic Zeniths
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » hip hop, piano, synths, instrumentals
Country » Philadelphia, PA
Number of Tracks » 11 Songs + 3 Bonus
Release Duration » 37.9 Minutes
Release Date » January 10, 2012

CD + Sticker Package / "Name Your Price" MP3s (Bandcamp)

Hi-Res Artwork:
Electronic Press Kit/Promo Video:
"Then And Now" Unofficial Video:

"Know My List" Unofficial Video:

Release description
release write-up » Hectic Zeniths is the work of bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Morgan Prince. Nearly three years in the making, the densely layered project builds around original piano compositions with an atmospheric collage of chopped and pitched dollar-bin vinyl samples, live instrumentation, synths, and haunting vocals. Featuring violinist Patrick Bailey, guitarist Dave Cohen, and The Yetti on drums.

'Hectic Zeniths' is an anagram for the German word 'Zeitschichten,' meaning "Layers of Time." The artist has previously released a free EP and an array of hip hop and electronic remixes under the name 'amplifya'. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he is currently teaching high school math in Philadelphia, PA.

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01. one that got away [intro]
02. then and now
03. curtain
04. why shoot debris about it? [interlude 1]
05. i might drown
06. save me (instrumental)
07. josie [interlude 2]
08. know my list
09. zeitschichten
10. the loneliest city
11. an empty shell [outro]
12. crumble [exclusive unreleased demo]
13. lo fi fresh [exclusive unreleased demo]
14. wasteland [exclusive unreleased demo]

Drums on 2, 3, 6, 10 performed by The Yetti
Violin on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, performed by Patrick Bailey
Guitar on 4, 9 and bass on track 11 performed by Dave Cohen
Drums on 2, 3, 6, 10 engineered by Will in Queens
Drums on 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 engineered by Jeff @ South St sounds
Piano sessions engineered by Kevin at M-Sound
"know my list" co-written by Samantha Prince
Piano, Samples, Other Instrumentation and Mixing by Adam Morgan Prince
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe
Design and Original Artwork by Avi Matan Sinkin -

licensing information
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Creative Commons License
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