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The Blue Marble EP

Release information
Artists » Fremdkunst
Release Title » The Blue Marble
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » chaotic, acoustic, glitch, experimental
Country » Netherlands
Number of Tracks » 5 Songs
Release Date » May 14, 2013
Artists' Website »

Release description
release write-up » On 'The Blue Marble' DJ Mace (initiator of Fremdkunst and co-owner of Fremdtunes) and friends explore, once again, the outer-limits of the Fremdkunst-universe.

Challenging the blue, empty vastness of this nihilistic universe with ambientlike soundscapes & robust beats and at the same time expressing the density of love for everything that's close. Almost submerging in pools of glitches, reverb and samples, but always managing to keep floating on strong rhythmtracks and catchy melodies. Special guests are Wiboud Burkens (on keys) and guitar-hero slash trumpeteer Shycop. Coco Bryce pulls out a set of breakbeats on his off-kilter remix of 'Das Abendland ft Erwin Vann' (of the Zauberschwein im krankenhaus album). Inspiration comes from the works of David Toop, Edvard Grieg, Arthur Schnitzler, Paul van Tongeren, Flexus, Lars von Trier, Z-Factor and others.

Fremdkunst was initiated by DJ Mace in 2004, as a sequel to the earlier Zarathustra-works and as an exhaust for his love for beats, jazz, hip-hop, vintage synths, philosophy and literature. Inspired by the early D.I.T.C. & Paul C sound and works of Nietzsche & Chamfort, the Fremdkunst-tunes blend hard-hitting beats with cinematographic vibes and melodies. On the first Fremdkunst demo (2007) Mace combined jazz, surf, old school house and other musical styles with hip-hop/breakbeats. To complete the first official Fremdkunst album (2010) Mace worked with DJ's Optimus and Vindictiv, Erwin Vann, Mete Erker and others. In 2010 and 2011 followed the 3 EP's 'Zauberschwein by Candlelight', 'O sweet schwein of mine' and 'Like Zauberhulk', finally combined om 'Zauberschwein im krankenhaus' (2012). Besides Fremdkunst, Mace also works with partner in crime on the project OptiMace (This music is not music, KDIP). The duo also runs label Fremdtunes on which they released music by artists like Kid Sundance, Emufucka, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, Coco Bryce, Big Mister Doom and Pierce Warnecke.

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1. Pictures at an 1889 exhibition ft Wiboud Burkens (EP version)
2. Golden Years ft Shycop
3. Une jeunesse que l'avenir inquiete trop souvent ft Shycop
4. Borne back ceaselessly into the past ft Wiboud Burkens
5. Das Abendland ft Erwin Vann (Melancholera Rewerk by Coco Bryce)

Produced, composed, written and mixed by DJ Mace
Additional synths on 1 and 4 by Wiboud Burkens
Trumpet & (additional) guitar on 2 and 3 by Tristan Driesenaar (Shycop)
Mastered by incise
Artwork by c64kb

Live Fremdkunst consists of DJ Mace often accompanied by other DJ's and guest-musicians, mixing pounding beats, high-powered scratch-works, shuddering soundscapes and live electronics. Fremdkunst performed with Baba Sissoko, Eric Vloeimans, Wiboud Burkens, Jeroen van Vliet, Mdungu's Thijs van Milligen among others.

Press on previous Fremdkunst work
3voor12 website: "DJ Mace and his friends speak to body and mind on this soulful hotchpotch. The quality is consistent and the result is a good, innovative album...."
Giel Beelen (Radio 6): "New Dutch heroes..." "A unique self-produced music-collage..."
Producersiknow: "Don't sleep..."
Volkskrant on Fremdkunst XL live: "adventurous and at some points grand..."

Fremdkunst selected discography
Various Artists - Songs of Charcoal (Redrum Recordz 2012)
Various Artists - SEE-A-SOUND (Fremdtunes 2012)
Fremdkunst - Zauberschwein im krankenhaus (Fremdtunes 2010-2012)
Dunugoz & The Roofas - Anita's Theme (Fremdkunst remix) (Black Hole Recordings 2011)
Fremdkunst - Fremdkunst: b-beats & soundscapes (Fremdtunes 2004-2010)

licensing information
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