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Favorite Recordings

My Favorite Thing

Release information
Artist(s) » Favorite Recordings (Mixed Artists)
Release Title » My Favorite Thing
Release Format » digital download (mp3 and FLAC)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » jazz, hip hop, soul, reggae, rnb, instrumentals
Country » France
Number of Tracks » 6 Songs
Release Duration » 28.3 Minutes
Release Date » November 21, 2011
Label Website »
Release description
release write-up » This collaboration with Favorite Recordings offers a progressive blend of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, and RnB. Favorite Recordings is a French label offering some of the nicest grooves for more than 7 years. Created by DJ, producer and crate-digger, Pascal Rioux, following to the success of his first label called Rotax, Favorite Rec has scouted some great talents such as Lee McDonald, Onra, The Dynamics, Mr Day, Patchworks, Yann Kesz, Mr President and many others. This 6 tracks sampler reveals the many genres and styles which can be heard at the Favorite's home. All the artists included have a new project released this year or coming in 2012. We hope you'll enjoy!! Merci!!

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01. The Funk League - You're Gonna Learn (Feat. Andy C) [Upbeat Version]
02. Mr Day - Small Fry
03. The Dynamics - Downtown Barkings (Rocksteady Edit)
04. Hawa - Trickery Shit (Patchworks Remix)
05. Walter Mecca - Pleasure
06. Buddy Sativa - The Pilgrim

licensing information
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Creative Commons License
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