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BrassBastardz (Keymono)


Release information
Artist(s) » BrassBastardz (Keymono)
Release Title » TIMELINE
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » acid jazz, electronica, electropop, funk, soul, groove hop, hip-hop, and nusoul
Country(s) » Lithuania
Number of Tracks » 8 Songs
Release Duration » 36.6 minutes
Release Date » April 11, 2011
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Release description
release write-up » TIMELINE is a Kitchen Dip Exlusive EP from the BrassBastardz (Keymono) that contains songs from their 2 albums "Waiting" and "Synthezatorium".

"Waiting" - released Feb. 2010 is an album that was composed for more than 8 years. It's a collection of all the singles, demos and new tracks, which were brought together and framed into one conclusive album. BrassBastardz call it a "new antique" and compare it to a bottle of quality wine, which has to be aged to develop that distinctive taste and aroma. The album is compiled of 12 old and new songs, every single one being treasured like a small baby.
Download "Waiting" from Bandcamp

"Synthezatorium" - released Jan. 2011 was recorded in 7 days and 7 nights in deep forests of Lithuania. It came to life with the help of "BrassBastardz Traveling Studio" near a beautiful lake. The album and creations it's comprised of, expresses our synthesis with Mother Nature. All the tracks were born from spontaneous and impulsive feelings experienced in the wild. We feel that this album is very pure and clean.
Download "Synthezatorium" from Bandcamp

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01. Sunrise
02. This Night
03. Butterfly
04. Fantasy Sara
05. Bubble in a Trouble (Synthezatorium Remake)
06. Jiemah (feat. Giedre)
07. One More Chance
08. Anime
press kit
Hi-Res Album Cover » BrassBastardz "TIMELINE"
Release credits
Album Credits » Alvydas Maciulskas - composing, beat machines, drums, keyboards, vocals, sax, flute, percussions, programming, producing, mixing.
Aurimas Rimeikis - trumpet, percussions, keyboards, vocals, co-producing.
Daiva Starinskaite - vocals, percussions, lyrics, co-producing.
Marijus Aleksa - drums.
Jonas Krivickas - lyrics (on "This Night").
Giedre Vitkauskaite - vocals (on "Jiemah").
Fotelier - artwork.
Istvan Tomas - management.
licensing information
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Creative Commons License
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