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I am Bozu

Release information
Artist(s) » Bozu
Release Title » I am Bozu
Release Format » digital download (mp3 and FLAC)
Price » FREE (see "licensing information")
Release details
Genre(s) » electronic, dream, glitch, chill, experimental
Country » London, UK
Number of Tracks » 5 Songs
Release Duration » 23.2 Minutes
Release Date » October 24, 2011
Artist Website »
Release description
release write-up » Bozu is the musical output of London based electronic producer Josh Smith. The music is a schizophrenic mix of glitchy beats, unashamedly melodic synths and cut up vocals. Inspired by the LA beats scene and many electronic artists in the UK such as Architeq, Joker, Ital Tek, Hudson Mohawke & many others, the music is fun and brash at times, with a tongue firmly in cheek.

As debut material goes, I Am Bozu E.P. is an experiment of sorts, with a suck-it-and-see approach to sub-genres and techniques. A few important things underpin the tracks though, such as a love for real structures and melodies in electronic music, and the ongoing search for that perfect beat.

Release Credits
Produced by » Bozu

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01. One Handed Clap
02. In Check
03. Lorex Watch
04. Pyramid Schematics
05. JR Line

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