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Chicken Dip?
Kitchen Dip (.org) is a musical collaboration of 50+ artists, musicians, and indie labels from around the world. Our focus is to create Singles, EPs, and LPs with other artists/labels; and provide FREE personal versions to the public - for noncommercial use (CC license). Our music is a modern blend of both acoustic and electronic styles like; hip hop, electro, experimental, instrumental, and pretty much anything progressive and alternative. Our site offers countless hours of free music that can be openly downloaded and streamed via our website, radio networks, and podcasts.  
And so what of it?
We are a group of music and art lovers that strongly believe everyone should have open access to a culturally diverse and genre-expanding playlist of music. Our organization provides music to the community, and musical opportunities to musicians.
Our Mission
Kitchen Dip Recordings is a community built music collaborative; dedicated to supporting musical diversity & cultural preservation, through international networking and community support.

our music license
In conjunction with our artists/labels, we release "free" versions of music for use by the general public. This means free personal use for any individual to use our music in ANY non-commercial ways. We recommend doing the following:
  • Exercise to our music
  • Conduct food related events around our music
  • Rip copies of our music to share with friends
  • torrent, leak, hack, or remix our music (we like these)
  • Or just sit back and enjoy it
If you would like to use our music on any mixtapes, compilations, videos, events, games, or in any other commercial way; please contact us directly to discuss licensing options. All of the music on this site is copyrighted, and can only be used by you for personal use. If you are looking to license, publish, or distribute our music for commercial purposes; please contact us directly. You must contact us to obtain official permission, if you would like to use any part of our music in a commercial project.

Creative Commons License
Make sure to learn about the Creative Commons Licenses, and any permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting us directly. We can make sure you speak with the owner(s) of any specific song or release. Also make sure to learn more about Kitchen Dip, and what exactly we do.

For Artists and Labels Submitting Music
If you are looking to send us music for consideration into our collaborative, please email us at the address below. You can either attach the music in the email, or upload it to a public 'share hosting' site (such as WeTransfer), and drop us a link. Make sure to tell us a little about yourself(s) and also send us links to your website, facebook, youtube, etc.
Send your music to

How to Support Us
  • Download our Music - Download your favorite releases from our website. We count our downloads; your download is your vote!
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  • Join Our Newsletter (by creating an account) - We send out 3 emails per year with important updates, exclusive tracks, etc.
  • Visit Our Artists' Websites - Our artists have spent countless hours making music, if you are a fan, visit their pages! Like them on Facebook, Tweet about them, and Talk about them in all your social media accounts.
  • Write us an Email - We love to get feedback about our music, send us an Email. Attach pictures, music, or anything; we love attention.
Social Media
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Other Techniques
  • Burn our Music - Download your favorite Kitchen Dip releases, burn them, label the CDs, and give them out (for FREE of course)!
  • Talk about our Music - If you like our releases, bring it up in a conversation with friends, colleagues, or enemies. Discuss our music with political, social, and religious officials.

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Kitchen Dip Recordings
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