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Walt Sicknin’ “SP12 GAUGE”

Date posted: November 29, 2012


Release information

Artist » Walt Sicknin’
Release Title » SP12 Gauge
Release Format » digital stream/download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see “licensing information”)

Release details

Genre(s) » hip hop, boom bap, street
Country » USA – Hunting Park, North Philadelphia
Label’s Website » Kic Drum Products


Walt Sicknin’ is his name. Hunting Park, North Philadelphia flows through his veins. A grown man’s rapper…Walt is an emcee. With lyrical vengeance that strikes harder than the hammer of John Henry. His prowess and storytelling ability rival no one. Walt Sicknin’ is a street legend; a North Philadelphia myth since rhyming in Olney High lunch room back in ‘92, striking fear in the hearts of local emcees who dared to step.

The myth of Walt Sicknin grew for nearly ten years before emerging from the concrete of Broad Street, seeking refuge in the hard, gritty music of Drumz and Llingo. Now equipped with an ultra-rugged sound that demands respect, Walt is out to take it. We present to you for the first time, Walt Sicknin’—The greatest Philly rapper you’ve never heard.

300 Numbered, Limited Pressings

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