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BrassBastardz is all about combination, synthesis and transformation - Lithuanian Jazz, Electro, Acid Pop Group.
Favorite Recordings - "My Favorite Thing" - This 6 tracks sampler inclused Hip Hop, Reggae, RnB and Funk/Soul.
incise finally releases beats to the public - After years of requests, his greatest hits are released on instrumental.
The 2 Chicago(land) rapscallions, formerly known as "The Stereotypes", are back as the Stypes, and with a dope new EP!
SoulChef's first major release - 10 Tracks, 13+ Artists, and a ton of downloads. A classic throwback album of 2010!
Pierce Warnecke drops his new single Copy/Waste, an electronic theme park for the ears!
Robert Paul - "Come Inspired" - A combination of instruments, vocals, sounds, synths, samples, and sandwiches.
Bozu - "I am Bozu" - A schizophrenic mix of glitchy beats, unashamedly melodic synths and cut up vocals.
Hectic Zeniths - Original piano compositions with live instrumentation, synths, and haunting vocals.

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Fremdkunst – The Blue Marble

Date posted: May 13, 2013

Release information

Artists » Fremdkunst
Release Title » The Blue Marble
Release Format » digital download (mp3)
Price » FREE (see “licensing information”)

Release details

Genre(s) » chaotic, acoustic, glitch, experimental
Country » Netherlands
Number of Tracks » 5 Songs
Release Date » May 14, 2013

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